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Alma Claire E. Reyes



Alma Claire E. Reyes , A Filipino nationality , with a degree in Bachelor of Science & Arts in Architecture (BA Arch ) 1985 and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA ) Major in Interior Design ( 1989 ).
Member of Kuwait Society of Engineers No. 22463
TA- Kuwait University- College Of Architecture , Painting Course
Being an architect and an Interior Designer does a big role of art in my human life. I focused on the true meaning of Art, aiming to depict the complications of life through combinations of color, texture and symbolism. I saw myself as “ an observer and critic”. Working in canvas with painting mediums gives my artwork strong physical presence. This presence is enhanced by my skill and rendering lifelike figures and my sharp eye for manipulating proportion and scale which often creates a sence of threat or uncertainty , And resulting works transforms standard notions of realism into a uniquely expressive form.

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