Our vision at ArtStudioKWT is to develop a lifelong learning community in the Middle East that is bound by arts-based teaching and learning.

ArtStudioKWT is a platform for students and teachers to cultivate a self-reflective practice through an arts-based exploration. Participants have opportunities on working on drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpting and design projects to develop technical skills as well as critical thinking. Our aim is to create an environment that nurtures self-expression within a community of lifelong learners.

We at the ArtStudioKWT embrace diversity, our classes range from artisan crafts to fine art experimentations, supporting the shifting needs of our inclusive community.

About Us

Jawaher and the Robert, co-founders of ArtStudioKWT spent total of 12 years training and over 15 years teaching in art and design institutions. Their three daughters Noor, Lulu and Jood have also actively participated in co-teaching, supporting and conducting individual tutorials supporting the mission of the ArtStudioKWT. This unique shared reality has created a rich, meaningful environment that not only enriches individuals that participate in their projects, but also organizations that struggle to find a nurturing environment that help build a momentum for their purpose.

Our Story


Creativity, Awareness, Community


ArtStudioKWT is an interdisciplinary educational art institute aiming to enhance individual’s self-awareness, skill, and connectivity to the larger community. We provide classes for kids aged 5 to 100+. Our goal is to help people explore their creativity through a variety of mediums. It varies from drawing, painting, printing making and sculpture. We have developed specialty class from design thinking to art therapy, giving us a broad reaching goal of expansion into the great design community.

We also work with local artist and art educators; we provide them a space to teach and create their own curriculum of education. We are also bridging the gap creating lasting partnerships with NGO’s such as En.v and Loyac, ENGN, Local Gardening Group, Ana ( battered woman), Charity organizations ( second chance, KAN).

Our international partnership with artist outside of Kuwait has allowed us to bring educators form India, New York to Portland to teach adult and children. We have also opened our space as a gallery for local artist to exhibit and sell their work.

We are also teaching the principles of Design thinking to organization and to young adults to broaden their critical thinking and problem-solving principles.

We also operate as an entity that interventions, our space is available for Charitable organizations, and teacher training. By opening our space to a variety of needs we hope to foster a stronger more inclusive art Community.

As part of our community outreach program, we have a monthly open studio day when artist and the community can gather in the space to meet and create together.